Planter with strips of cloth

Planter with strips of cloth

A hanging planter pot is useful and beautiful, but the old ones made with hemp gave way to these new, colorful, modern T-Shirt yarn planter pot. This will require to make model knots, macrame or follow this simple design that share the hobby-mix friends. 

Another practical and beautiful idea to use recycled fabric for decoration.

Planter with strips of cloth

Watching this model probably remember hemp planters, if you’ve ever done any, this planter will be very simple to make.

Start by cutting the fabric strips on a proper measurement (a little longer than we need), then knit them and re-knit together in pairs to make the base.




And so, we finished this planter with recycled fabric. Nice, right? And with a very appropriate color, green, to match the colors of the garden.

This is another nice idea to take into account if you want to make some easy work with T-Shirt yarn and create a nice touch to your home.

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