Patterns of woven bags


I have fallen in love with this “African Flower” crochet bag made by craftpassion and I’m sure many of you will agree that it’s a beautiful model. Fortunately you can make it, because it’s one of the patterns of crocheted handbags and handbags woven with two needles we’ll see today.

This is one of the most complex designs, because the bag is sewn and then lined with fabric, but there are other easier models that you can create thanks to these friends who share these handy handbags patterns.

Crochet handbags patterns

You can make the bag on the cover photo by following craftpassion’s instructions. The step by step is to make the fabric bag, to create the hexagons you should look for a specific crochet tutorial with this shape.



To find the pattern for making this crochet bag with strap closure just follow shortylamcrochet instructions.

Here you can see other models of hand crafted handbags with strap closure, which can be adjusted to close.


Find this trap bag decorated with crochet flowers in myrecycledbags.


This handbag woven in pink and pastel shades is a model made by cynthiashaffer.

On this page you can also see other models of handbags woven with precious recycled fabric, such as this bag with a handmade wood button.


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This page is very interesting and show some bags that are quite simple to make and look beautiful. There you’ll find the scheme to make various models and patterns for recycled cloth bags as cute as this one.


If you want to make a bag with handles of balls or rigid handles of wood or acrylic, it’s best to consult a specific pattern in which the handles are mounted separately. This model in blue is very cute and you can make it with this pattern that shares annoocrochet.

You can also consult how to place handles on a crochet bag.

I hope you like these links of friendly pages that share their creations so that beginners can make crochet bags with t-shirt yarn or recycled fabric.

If you want, you can leave us your recommendations to make bags, as always the advice of our readers is welcome and it is a beautiful gesture to share what we have learned to help each other to create.

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Images: trapillo

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