Patchwork with T-shirt yarn: rugs

Patchwork with T-shirt yarn rugs

I love these rustic patchwork rugs, maybe because they bring to my mind the patchwork blankets, that are so warm and made with so much love because they carry a great time of manufacture.

These patchwork rugs are a creation of petitepurls who share the step by step to make them using a loom.

Look how cute looks is this work to make it at home with T-shirt yarn.

Patchwork rugs

To make this patchwork rug you need a loom and fabric strips. It’s important to think on the final design before you start, combining colors on the design will help too.


In this tutorial you can see how to sew at the end of each square, to give a good ending to the rug. For this one, waxed cotton thread was used. Once you have all the squares ready, put them together with the same thread.


In this way you can make cute rustic rugs. If you don’t have a loom, a good idea is to make one at home, in this tutorial we show you how to do it: Homemade loom for T-shirt yarn


If you want to see more pictures of this step by step to make a patchwork rug with T-shirt yarn, just click in the original tutorial on the source at the end of the article.

Source: petitepurls

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