Original rugs with fabric leftovers or t-shirt yarn


You can create an original carpet using little balls made with fabric scraps (like the one on the cover photo), and also with crochet can be made original woven rugs (like some of the models you have seen on our blog). Today you´ll see more ideas of innovative design rugs with recycling techniques for XL fabrics and rugs.

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Original rugs from recycled fabrics



This model is charming and was made using balls of recycled fabrics and fabrics leftovers that have been adhered to a recycled fabric mat. A fantastic, ingenious work, with a very nice and warm result.


Recycled fabric ball rug from ornedefeuilles

This bear patterned rug is really original and funny. I’m sure that for crochet experts this design will be inspiring as it can be knitted with various animal motifs.


Crochet bear rug by artsdadrikarosin

This grandmother is finishing a children’s rug with a Spiderman design, perfect for the kids’ bedroom.


Crochet XL spiderman rug by associacaosorocabanadeartesanato

A while ago we shared on our blog How to Make Crochet Squares to make a carpet. Surely it’ll take time, but once you have all the squares finished can make the carpet and the result is beautiful.


Square crochet rug by anna-silja

Lastly, here´s a pattern to make an original “foot” mat, perfect for using in the bathroom. You can do this model with several pieces which are then joined to form a fun XL rug.


Click on the pattern to see it in a larger size and print it to have it in sight when making the carpet.


Vjazali foot rug pattern

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Images: trapillo

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