Original ideas for crochet XL


This woven basket with a crown shape is one of the original ideas for XL crochet that you’ll see today. It’s nice to see ingenious designs with recycled fabric and woven decorations to inspire and create original crochet decorations for your home: baskets, rugs, cushions and other pretty handcrafted decorations that you can adapt to your tastes and needs.

Original ideas in XL crochet

I really liked this idea of knitting crochet baskets with crown shapes found on niina2. This is a nice and original decoration, fun to make and not too complex that you can create with recycled fabric or t-shirt yarn in the colors that you like.


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This model is a very original idea to weave a crocheted rug with fabric made by annikaisa. Those are knitted crochet circles, which are simple to make and you can complete in minutes; with them you can make a large rug of XL crochet circles.


In mamisite you’ll find this beautiful crochet cushion with a monkey’s shape, which you can weave with thick wool or t-shirt yarn. With recycled fabric you can achieve cushions with fluffy texture, colorful, and create different models to decorate the children’s bedroom.


And if you can weave an animal cushion, you can also weave a rug. Following a pattern for weaving a round carpet you can reproduce this penguin or make other models of original and fun woven carpets to decorate.


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