Original crochet creations by Ana Azpiazu


To find our featured craftswoman of this week we’ll travel to San Sebastián, or perhaps we should go to the beautiful Zarauz, her hometown. The truth is that it’s very likely that we´ll find Ana weaving or thinking about her next creations. His works have -in addition to quality- originality and charm.

We’re going to see the works that Ana Azpiazu has created, and then we invite you to like her Facebook page, Anaisabeltz, to support this artisan who creates beauty with her hands for our delight.

Ana Azpiazu’s creations

Today we’re going to see some of Ana Azpiazu’s works, but you can find more creations on her Facebook page or in “Los Abalorios” Community, where Anaisabeltz always surprises us with her original and beautiful creations.

Ana tells us:… «I am absolutely self-taught and my specialty is colored squid, (later I learned that these works are called amigurumis). It was such a hitch that when I researched on the Internet and I discovered a material called “trap” (T-shirt yarn). I bought t-shirt yarn and a crochet needle, and suddenly a wonderful world full of possibilities opened up, taking out all my creativity, relaxing at the height of yoga! I humbly opened a Facebook profile to which I upload almost all the creations, as I do in “Los Abalorios” Community … »

And that has worked for Ana.


For example, Ana has created her own style in chair covers that, to my liking, are really fantastic.

Here is a sample of the warmth it has given to a simple chair.


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Anaisabeltz also makes bags, carpets, amigurumis and other original objects of his own such as squid, or very ingenious creations such as this bag made with a shoe base.

Simply great!


But it seems that Ana, like everyone else, likes bags. And besides being varied in colors and details, they have a very good look.

Does anyone want to buy a t-shirt yarn bag, modern, delicate and well made? Just contact Anaisabeltz.



I am tempted to show all Ana Azpiazu’s creations but I’ll let you check out her page and see with your own eyes her original creations.

As an advance I’ll share ith you some of her work:

A needle holder in crochet XL


A cute sweater for a little girl


Crochet shoes


A geometric carpet


XL slippers.


A XL crochet hat


An original and very useful egg holder


Squid cushions


Thanks to Ana Azpiazu for showing us her beautiful works and share her experience with us! is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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