Original accessories with T-Shirt yarn

Original accessories with T-Shirt yarn

Look how original and modern this bracelet made of T-Shirt yarn is. No wonder, because every day we see beautiful and creative works made with recycled fabric.

Today we’ll share some tutorials of original accessories made with strips of fabric.

Recycled fabric accessories


A cute belt made of recycled fabric, perfect to wear with jeans. I bet that many will want to have one of each color … to match their shirts.


You can make this original pink necklace with strips of fabric just following the step by step presented by fancytiger.


This is another model of necklace, made by combining fabric strips and jewelry chains. The ending is very thin and is really elegant, and we are lucky to see the full tutorial to make this work in spoolandspoonblog.


Soon we will see more ideas and tutorials for accessories with T-Shirt yarn.

Leave us a comment if you want to share your ideas or suggestions.

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