Necklace with wooden beads: step by step


This is a crocheted knit collar finished with seams attached to the fabric wooden balls, a procedure found in bloglovin that teachs how to make it. With this step by step you’ll also learn a very nice way to fill with beads the crochet fabrics that are formed in the increases so you can decorate crocheted jewelry, bags and other creations in crochet XL.

Crochet necklace with t-shirt yarn

To make this necklace you’ll need t-shirt yarn, a #10 crochet hook, 5 wooden beads, thread and needle.


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Here you can see the finished necklace, just need to add the beads in the holes of the fabric and sew them to the fabric.


You can find the complete step by step and the stitches to make this crochet necklace following this link: bloglovin

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Images: trapillo

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