Modern sweaters in recycled fabric


If you haven’t thought about knitting a sweater with recycled fabric, today you’ll decide to do it because these models of sweaters are warm, modern and ecological, made from surplus textiles and/or recycled fabrics.

Check out these models of recycled fabric sweaters and take the crochet needles to start creating these beautiful winter garments.

Recycled fabric sweaters

The traditional way to knit a warm sweater is using thick wool but the woven fabric is very warm and with the advantage that you can finish a t-shirt yarn sweater in much less time.

On the cover photo you can see the creations of Aranoel and Isabel Marant ¬†and you’ll see more designs, some of which can be purchased in the sites of these artists.

ddTo see the models and specifications click on the links shown below.

51A gray-blue sweater made by miscusihandmade.

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A black sweater combined with various colors, loose fabric and casual style made by farfetch.


A sweater created by Julian Le Bas made with a loom, with a modern and innovative design. You can find it in emmadaviesagency

Inspiring ideas, very creative, for fabric lovers who want to try making their sweater with t-shirt yarn. These are modern designs, colorful and smooth, and can even be woven with patterned fabrics achieving originality in a winter garment friendly to the environment. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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