Models of t-shirt yarn belts


Making belts with t-shirt yarn is a very creative way to make your accessories because you can implement techniques like braids, simple knots, nautical knots, Chinese knots, macrame or whatever your abilities and/or imagination suggests.

So, what is more fun than creating your belts to your liking, besides that it is another gift idea that you can make for any occasion.

Belts with recycled fabric

I love black dresses, which woman doesn’t? And using the right colors of t-shirt yarn you can transform a classic dress into a modern one without losing the elegance of the black dress. It´s a modern and ecological complement made with the colors and buckles that you like.

You can always use special fabrics like Tulle because it´s wonderful to combine it and create different textures with t-shirt yarn. And for jewelry lovers, there aren´t limits to create belt trims with bijou, beads or metal parts.


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How to make a t-shirt yarn belt

If you follow the theory, making a t-shirt yarn belt is very easy and admits infinite variations. For example, you can recycle old buckles, buy new ones, create them by using knots, crochet, macrame, nautical knots or whatever techniques you know.

One suggestion: If you plan to make a crocheted belt, first make the width stitches: it implies to begin to knit the small part and then will extend it.


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This model is charming and very easy to make following the step by step of motevecemesm.

You can make these models of t-shirt yarn belts: belt made with an 8 strips fabric braid and a belt with buttons.


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Images: trapillo

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