Models of cushions woven with fabric


These beautiful crocheted cushions, designed by kaunispienielama, are a sample of the beauties that we can create for our house using fabric instead of wool to weave. This is how we get soft cushions with a nice texture and elegant appearance for children, to decorate the room or to give warmth to the environments of our house.

Woven cushions with t-shirt yarn

Here we see the cushion model shown on the back of the cover photo. It’s an original design of a crochet puff, in which pastel colors have been combined to achieve a cushion for a children’s bedroom.


To learn how to make a recycled fabric puff you can chek out these posts: How to make a t-shirt yarn puff with single crochet stitches and Schemes for T-shirt yarn puffs.

I love the crochet cushion they made on this weberin page. Not only the color of the t-shirt yarn is beautiful but it has an excellent finish. You can see more images of this cushion by clicking on the previous link.


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If we had to choose between one of these cushions I’m sure it would take us a long time to make the choice. They are all precious. This white model with buttons is ideal to be able to wash it without having to wait forever for the filling to dry. We’ll have to ask the creator of this blog¬†where we can find this excellent craft work.


Stitches to make a colorful cushion

We’ll still see more fabric cushions to inspire us, and in this case the creators facilitate the step by step of the cushion or puff to make it, and also the stitches to make the matching carpet.

This super cheerful and colorful model is found on this page of kodinkuvalehti.

f is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

With all these alternatives, everyone can make a cushion or a set of cushions for your home taking into account the colors or models that best match the decoration of the space.

We just have to look for patterns of cushions in our Decorate with fabric section or see more ideas to make simple cushions on How to make non-knitted fabric cushions.

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Images: trapillo

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