Models and patterns to make crochet hearts

Models and patterns to make crochet hearts

There are several ways to make a crochet heart: flat, with volume or empty (to fill it and make a cushion, for example). Today we are going to share a few ways to make crochet hearts, so you can choose the technique that fits your needs.

Here we have different crochet hearts with various grades of difficulty that you can follow step by step and make a crochet heart to decorate your home or to make an original gift.

Crochet patterns

This filled red heart with a knot that you can see in the image is a project made by patronenenzo you can read the instructions in english by clicking this link: Heart


This flat pink crochet heart is another model you can make with T-shirt yarn, the pattern is from karinaandthehaak and you can find the tutorial in english in this link: Pattern crochet heart


 With this design you can make a little heart to decorate or a big heart to use as a tablecloth, you can see the step by step in pjotrtom’s blog and the traduced tutorial in this link: Zpagetti heart hooks


You can find the heart in the cover in bixti’s store

As you can see there are many ways to make a crochet heart using recycled fabric. You can make all these models with T-shirt yarn to create an object with great volume and a better texture that you can use for decoration or to make a gift.

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