Mini garden to use as organizer

Mini garden to use as organizer

Many times we need to have at hand the needles, scissors and other materials to work with and what else could we want more than have a herb garden made of recycled fabric, nice and decorative, where we can have things and keep them at hand?

Today we will share a lovely tutorial to teach you step by step how to make this original organizer of grass made of fabric.

Organizer of recycled fabric

To make this organizer with T-Shirt yarn you need recycled fabric, a piece of polystyrene foam, brown felt, scissors and hot glue.

Cut the strip of fabric into pieces about 12 cm large and place them in the square of polystyrene, pushing them with the tip of the scissors.


Once you have completely covered the foam with “grass”, you are going to give the termination with felt, lining the base like a mini mason.


And then, you can put the “plants”: scissors, needles, pens and everything you need to have on hand in the work table or desk.


Did you like this organizer? It’s cute and original, right? It is also simple and a decorative work to which you can give endless uses.

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