Make buttons with fabric strips for garments and bags


A while ago on our blog we saw how to make kimono-style fabric buttons but there are many more ways to close garments and bags with ties, knots or buttons made with fabric strips.

In the cover photo you can see one of these ways of making buttons which you can learn to make by sewing the fabric to a twine. In this way you can make buttons with knots, buttons with shapes and also decorations for bags.

Buttons made with fabric strips and rope

The round button in the cover photo is made with a strip of fabric that lines a string. Check out the step by step in this tutorial, it’s done with a sewing machine and a technique that gives the cord a very beautiful appearance with a fabric texture.

This is a basic technique to make some variations of fabric buttons, like the ones you’ll see at the end of this article.



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Buttons with t-shirt yarn knots

Another way to make buttons is found on this page. The article is about making knots with strips of fabric that can be placed inside each other to give volume to the knot. The edges of the fabric can be exposed or folded in to shape the button.




Kimono buttons

You’ve already seen some buttons where the fabric strip is flat: the kimono trapillo brooches, which we see in the following image. But with a flat fabric strip there are other ways to make buttons, such as flowers.

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Flower buttons

I’ve found this flower button made with the technique of the kimono button in sywy676893 and it looks really nice and original. In addition to that, you can make many variations of the model by rolling the strips or folding them in accordion.


Here are some examples of t-shirt yarn buttons that you can make, either with the strip of fabric rolled or sewn lining the cord as you saw at the beginning.


These are beautiful ideas to make buttons to close a garment or a bag (or to decorate it), since they are very nice and delicate.



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Images: trapillo

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