Make a scarf with T-shirt yarn

Give your old clothes a new use


If you have a shirt that you no longer use or a piece of fabric in a color that you like, don´t throw it away, you can use it to make a fun scarf that will give you a Vintage look.


It´s recommended that the fabric you choose is elastic so that the scarf looks better. You need to cut the shirt into a rectangle shape and fold it like an accordion.


Then, start making cuts of about 2 centimeters on each side of the rectangle you folded. Try to make the cuts the same size and the same distance.


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The last step is the most important: unfold your fabric and start to insert your fingers into the holes, stretch them as far as you can, being careful not to tear the fabric. You should repeat this step with all the holes in the cuts to give more texture to your new garment.


The end result will be something like what you saw in the first image of the post.

This technique can be used with any other garment to give it a new look. With large blouses, jackets or jackets, you´ll have an incredible result.

It´s possible to modify old garments with the help of scissors, and the excess fabric can be used as yarn to make other projects.

Here are some practical ideas for you to modify your clothes and give them your own style.

The same cuts were made to this shirt as you did for the scarf and the pieces of fabric that remain separate the holes were braided.


You can also create fun designs that contrast with your skin tone or with a garment of another color that will look really good. Look at this skull:


Or this spine:


And you can also add some fringes to your blouse:


Put your creativity into practice and start dressing up in personalized clothes.

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Images: trapillo

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