Loom, crochet, geometric: original carpet models

9cWe all know some models of carpets crocheted with t-shirt yarn, but there are many more designs and several ways to make them, as you have seen in our blog. This pink carpet of ywmyfz79 is a carpet model made with a loom that you can find in decoration shops and they are really beautiful. But if you are looking for an original carpet pattern there are many designs to see.

Let’s see today original carpet models and choose the one you like the most to make recycled fabric a decorative utility for your home.

Fabric carpet models

The carpets of t-shirt yarn made with a loom are those of greater complexity, because an industrial loom (or a loom of great dimensions) is needed to make this neat weaving that you see in this kind of carpets.

Look how nice is the process and the result of a carpet made with a loom in isetegija 



Original carpet cushions

A very original carpet cushions model is the one you can see in Kakionsitu’s blog. It’s about making homemade loom rugs, which together form a carpet of cushions.



Rainbow heart carpet

I love this recycled fabric rug with a heart shape, made with the colors of the rainbow. This is a carpet model that you’ll find in Rakuten’s store


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Carpets with crochet pieces attached

The carpets out of t-shirt yarn don’t have to be woven whole, because you can put into practice the method to make squares or crochet circles and then join them. This is the case of the model made of circles you’ll find on the blog Sheblogs, the model of carpet of hexagons created by juxtapost, the beautiful carpet of squares of the web littlewoollie or the black carpet with decorated crochet circles of the blog happylizard 

Clicking on each of the links of these handcrafted blogs you’ll see more images or specifications of these beautiful handmade crochet rugs.





Combining the crocheted carpets and the circles, you can create a very original carpet pattern, as they have achieved in this work of sweetandsimplestuff


Another design for a very cute and original woven carpet, is what you can appreciate in this carpet with pentagons of kummitustalossa 


There are several designs of t-shirt yarn carpets to enjoy, inspire and create. You can get more information about these carpets in the blogs of the links we see in each of the models, enter the pages and share the work of these artisans.

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Images: trapillo

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