Knotted T-shirt yarn scarf

Bufanda-de-trapillo-anudada_1-240x300If you want to learn to work with t-shirt yarn but don’t know how to crochet, don’t be discouraged, because if you know how to make knots you can carry out easy projects and make different accessories with t-shirt yarn.

Today we are going to see how to make a knotted T-shirt yarn scarf. So, grab T-shirt yarn in your favorite color, pins, a piece of cardboard and scissors to make this scarf.

Knotted fabric scarf


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To start cut 12 strips of t-shirt yarn (for a 2-meter scarf the strips must be 350 cm long). The
strips of t-shirt yarn should be 1 ½ the length of the desired length for the scarf.

Divide the strips into 4 groups of 3 strips each.

Tie 2 groups together with a square knot, leaving 15 cm free from the end. Repeat this step with the rest of the groups. Pin these knots to a piece of cardboard to make the work easier.

In the center make an inner knot by tying 2 groups of T-shirt yarn together about 2.5 cm apart from the previous knots. Then, leave another 2.5 cm of separation and tie 2 knots again as in the previous step.

Repeat this step until there are only about 15 cm left before reaching the free end of the T-shirt yarn strips (the scarf starts and ends with 2 knots).

If you wish, you can trim the remaining fabric at the ends or leave them as fringes.


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