Knotted necklace


The knotted necklace that we are going to show you is a unique accessory that can turn an ordinary outfit into something special. Don’t be guided by the initial appearance because it’s less complicated to make than you might think and you can do it in less than 1 hour.

Knotted necklace


  • T-shirt.
  • Scissors .
  • Measuring tape.

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To begin you must measure and cut the strips of fabric:

  • 4 strips of 2.5 meters length.
  • 8 strips of 1.84 meters length.

In this step you are going to accommodate the strips of fabric to start with the knotting. Take the 4 longest strips, fold them in half and tie an overhand knot about 16 cm from the loop. To make the job easier you can secure the strips above the knot (the folded end) with a clip.


To make the knots, follow the sequence that you will see in the following images: the idea is to work with double strands of yarn, divide the thread strips into four groups of two.

To tie the knots you will only be using strips n°2 and n°3: take strip 3, run it along strip 2 and under strip 1. Pull the strip by placing it perpendicular to the other strip. What was strip 3 has become strip 1.


Take strip 2 and pull it under strip 3 and 4. Pull the strip to one side to make it perpendicular to the other strip, and bring strip 1 down, parallel to the other strips.


Then repeat these steps for the pattern:

  • Take strip 3, run it across strip 2 and under strip 1.
  • Take strip 2 and pass it under strip 3 and 4.

Repeat. Continue knotting in that pattern until you have completed 12 knots.

To finish the first row simply tie a single knot near the last knot of the row. Then measure about 11cm past the knot and tie another overhand knot.


The second row will start on the side of the second knot of row one. Take 4 3/4″ strips and thread them through the second knot in row one. Fold the thread in the middle.


Start the knot as you did in the previous row, then thread the strip through the loop of the next knot in row one. The strips pass through the knot below to join the rows.



Continue knotting in this pattern until you reach the penultimate knot of row one, again to finish, tie with an overhand knot and let the remaining strips fall (don’t cut them).


You are going to make the third row in the same way as the second, but keeping in mind that you should start at the third knot of the second row and finish at the third to last knot.


You can make as many rows as you want and thus change the original pattern of the necklace. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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