Illuminated fabric accessories


This amazing carpet with LED lights included is Hyrkäs Johanna’s design and is just one of the great ideas for decorating with illuminated fabric accessories. The light that the LED radiates through the fabric creates a fantastic, very warm and modern effect on the weave of the fabric (and other materials), becoming an innovative way to decorate your home.

Illuminated fabrics


The LED carpet light is made with a tube of light wrapped in a knitted tube, the fabric has been rolled up to form a lighted carpet.


This model of curtain made with recycled paper has a series of LED lights with batteries and carries a compartment for the battery hidden inside.

Another beautiful way to create with recycled lit fabrics!


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This is another design of illuminated fabric, which in this case forms a tapestry of light and color. A very nice idea that allows you to have a decorative tapestry and a luminary at the same time.


Crochet Lamps

Crochet lamps made with recycled fabric, besides from being beautiful, create a fantastic light and color effect, very modern and cozy. In our blog we have seen several designs of lamps woven with t-shirt yarn to inspire us.


You can see more models of crochet lamps with t-shirt yarn in ideas to make t-shirt yarn lamps.

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