Ideas to make T-shirt yarn lamps

Ideas to make T-shirt yarn lamps

To make a T-shirt yarn lamp you will need a lamp structure that you can find in a hardware store, then above the lamp base you can make a weaved luminary just lining the structure with crochet, macrame knots or simple knots.

There are many ways to make T-shirt yarn lamps and today we are going to share some models. These lamps look really good during the day but at night they create a warm environment, because the light exits the weave creating gorgeous forms.

Recycled fabric lamps

If you know how to crochet you can weave a lamp with T-shirt yarn by lining the structure, you can line only the base or create new forms by extending the weave.


The result is a modern recycled lamp.


If you don’t know the crochet stitches you can also make a T-shirt yarn lamp using macrame knots or simple knots.

To make a lamp with macrame knots you have to attach the fabric strips to the base using a larks head knot and then follow a macrame scheme or use other kinds of knots to make an original lamp with recycled fabric.


Using different kinds of structures you can make various models of lamps.


If you want to make a simple and modern luminary you can create a light wreath or little lamps to decorate the room’s corners.



These are excellent ideas to work with T-shirt yarn and create a modern object to decorate any room in your house.

Images: minahot, Hans Sapperlot design, Naomi Paul design, 088891

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