Ideas to make jewelry with T-Shirt yarn and fabrics

Ideas to make jewelry with T-Shirt yarn and fabrics

The textile jewelry is very fashionable, so we find a lot of designs of accessories made with fabric strips (T-Shirt yarn) and recycled fabrics. The fabrics can be combined with chains, beads and pieces of jewelry, but also leather, felt and other materials.

To create with T-Shirt yarn, nothing better than get inspiration from the trends in jewelry with fabrics, to see the possibilities of this material. Thanks to the artisans and pages for sharing these beautiful creations.

Models of jewelry in fabric

This collar cover is a fabric design with chains, very original and beautiful.


This other model is a necklace made of fabric and jewelry, in this case close pearls and chain, as seen in webchiem. It is a design made with recycled fabric from a scarf.


This model of a super modern necklace made with T-Shirt yarn and wooden beadsern, is presented by knitly.

If you want to make a very original, elegant and witty jewelry accesories try the Soutache technique.



Another design is provided by the fancytiger tutorial.


Other designs -easier but no less beautiful- are made with simple twisted T-Shirt yarn. These creations are from webchiem.



An advantage of the t-Shirt yarn is to be able to use it not as the complete jewelry but a part of it. In this case the fabric strips had been used as a string combined with beads and felt, which forms a very fine textile.


I hope these ideas of fabric accessories inspire you to make your own creations. And we want you to share with us what you have created.

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