Ideas to create with t-shirt yarn pom poms


T-shirt yarn pom poms are the ideal complement for any type of decoration .Either alone or as accessories to other ornaments, these pom poms improve the appearance of any project made with recycled fabric.

Look at the following ideas made with t-shirt yarn pompoms and be encouraged to include them in your craft projects with recycled fabric.

T-shirt yarn pom poms

T-shirt yarn pompoms are so versatile that you can use them to complement a centerpiece or as part of jewelry pieces.


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Decorating any space with t-shirt yarn pom poms is very easy, you can use them to make garlands and other decorations.



What do you think of this rug made with t-shirt yarn pompoms? It’s an original and colorful idea to decorate a room in a cozy way.


Have you thought about a rag mobile to decorate the baby’s room? It’s a different way of making this decoration that’s never missing on any crib, or also to give a different touch to any space in your home with a different appeareance.


What other ideas can you think of to use t-shirt yarn pom poms? is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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