Ideas and patterns to decorate the house with t-shirt yarn


These woven pot holders are really beautiful and -for those who know how to crochet- they are not difficult to make, in addition to the fact that they take just a little bit of material so are very cheap. A creative idea that shows us that there are infinite decorative objects we can weave with recycled fabric to decorate the house. Today we’ll see more ideas and crochet patterns to decorate. Adorable details that give personality and style to the environments of our home.

Ideas to decorate with yarn

Here’s an idea and a simple t-shirt yarn crochet pattern that we can give many uses: little stars to use as trivets, as potholders for the kitchen or to hang. Tou can find this pattern to crochet stars in rosacrafts.


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For the eternal lovers who like knitted hearts here’s a beautiful model that, although it has a pattern, we’ll have to translate it.


Yarn heart by echtstudio

A t-shirt yarn vase looks beautiful but to use it we must place a glass or container inside it to contain the water. We’ll also have to translate this pattern.


T-shirt yarn vase by homemadeby-elise

A simple decorative utilitarian to weave and for which we can use the scraps of yarn left over from other larger projects. T-shirt yarn coasters are beautiful and can be done in a moment, with 2 needles or crochet.


T-shirt yarn coaster patterns by yumicha

An original and very simple idea that we can weave with different patterns for flowers. To do this we weave the flower and leave a long string to tie the curtain. With this great idea we can weave flowers with the colors that we like the most or that best combine with the colors of the room.



Flowers to hold curtains by paxarelas

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Images: trapillo

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