How to weave T-shirt yarn with 2 needles

How to weave T-shirt yarn with 2 needles

When you are learning crochet with 2 needles generally the first job you make is a scarf, that’s why to make a T-shirt yarn rug or tablecloth with this technique is really easy, the only difference is that you must use a pair of big needles and the stitches must be large.

You can use any scheme of weaving with 2 needles to make a T-shirt yarn rug, and this way you can practice this kind of weaving.

Weaving with 2 needles


As said, you can make with T-shirt yarn any scheme of weave with 2 needles, for that you need 2 big needles for wool. As you can see in the pictures, if you want to make a rug just follow these steps, because is really easy to make and needs no great experience in weaving.


You can weave with various fabric strips, the process is the same as if you are weaving wool: make the first row of stitches and then continue in the same way until you reach the desired length.


This is an easy way to work with t-shirt yarn with excellent results. I hope you practice this technique.


Images: georginagiles

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