How to weave a rug with a recycled toothbrush

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There is a technique to make carpets in which a needle made with a toothbrush is used to weave. These recycled cloth rugs are called “toothbrush rugs“.

To make these carpets, you have to recycle a toothbrush and make a large-eyed needle through which the strip of cloth is passed, and then weave a loom-like knit carpet, very beautiful like this model of lubodelo.

Toothbrush rugs

In order to make this carpet recycle a toothbrush (the ones that have a large hole in the back). To do this cut the brush with a saw and make a tip.


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You can also make the needle with other materials, such as twigs, as the ones made by matchingpegs, and with it they have made these beautiful carpets.




You can learn how to make the knitting stitch to create this carpet with the tutorial (with schemes) that shares hookyarnandneedles


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