How to sew a perfect braid rug


By combining different colors and making simple 3 strips braids we can create easy carpets with t-shirt yarn. The way to join the braids is to spirally sew them and if we do it neatly with a sewing machine or by hand we can achieve beautiful handmade carpets with a perfect finish.

How to sew a braid rug

T-shirt yarn braided carpets are very beautiful, especially when we sew the braids with a sewing machine, because the fabric is flattened, the union is neat and we get a carpet with a perfect finish, like these models we see in this liveinternet page


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To create a large carpet we make the braids by sections and then join them with the sewing machine. In this blue carpet we can see how they have combined several colors of t-shirt yarn to achieve a very beautiful ombre effect.


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In this way we can combine the colors that we like to make different styles of carpets, whether round, oval or rectangular.

How to sew the braids of a rug

The zigzag stitch is the most appropriate stitch for sewing a carpet of braids as it takes the two sections and joins them neatly.

As we can see in the following image, we can also sew it by hand, underneath, sewing the braids in a way that they are firmly joined.


It doesn’t seem difficult and the result is fantastic, with this technique of simple braids we can achieve beautiful rugs.

We can also make a carpet of braids without sewing, for this we must go braiding by passing one of the strips through the previous braid, as we have seen in the article How to make a weave with braids (without sewing).


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