How to make the embroidered stitch with recycled fabric


With this stitch and recycled fabric you can make carpets, tapestries and cushions as we have shown you previously in the article Stitch to embroider with T-Shirt yarn. And today you’ll learn to do it thanks to this beautiful work that shares Newlifenewpurpose where with an admirable patience, a very neat technique and great manual talent have completed stitch by stitch a fantastic carpet, tightly woven, ideal to give warmth to the environments in winter.

Let’s see how to make the embroidered stitch with t-shirt yarn with this tutorial.

Stitches for carpets

In this tutorial you can see how to make a beautiful carpet but this stitch can be used for other jobs wtih T-shirt yarn. If you want to see these creations click on this link.

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The carpet of this tutorial has been made with a burlap base 5 centimeters larger on each side taking as reference a predefined drawing, in this case some margaritas on different backgrounds of colors that combine very well. Then a draw was made on the burlap with a marker and fastened the burlap to a frame to work comfortably.


To make the stitch hold the strip of fabric with the left hand, under the burlap and using a crochet needle in the right hand puncture in the burlap and remove the strip hooked on the needle about 1 centimeter in height (or to the extent that you want to have the volume of the carpet), then take the strip down and continue following the edge of the drawing. If the shape is rounded, continue the spiraling stitch inwards. is the web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

Don’t tie each strip just pass it from the bottom up, take it back down and so on taking care to maintain the same approximate distance in the turns that are seen at the top.


Once finished smooth the surface with a steam iron.

You can see more images of this craft tutorial by clicking on this link

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Images: trapillo

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