How to make T-shirt yarn bags (measures, techniques and ideas)

How to make T-shirt yarn bags (measures, techniques and ideas)

To make a T-shirt yarn bag you will need a 1 Kg fabric roll, with which you can weave a bag of a 50×50 cm size. Depending on the kind of roll you can cut the fabric strips in half, because there are rolls from 0,5 to 4 cm width; so, with a fabric roll you can make a bag, and if it is a little one, sure enough you will have fabric remnants to make jewelry or other projects with recycled fabric.

Now we are going to show you several ways to make a T-shirt yarn bag, because there are various methods like making braids, weaving or sewing to make bags with various degrees of difficulty.

T-shirt yarn bags

 You can make a great variety of bags with recycled fabric, for example, the bag in the cover was made using a loom, and you can make it following the instructions in Homemade loom for T-Shirt yarn



Another way to make bags is with braids, you just sew the braids to give the form to the bag, as you saw in T-shirt yarn braided rugs.

With this technique you can create a modern bag in a easy way.


Also, you can make a fabric bag with crochet making a circle or an oval and then folding it, sew a little both sides and add a lock and handles to finish the handbag.

To make this model just check An easy way to make a T-shirt yarn bag.


 Other idea to make bags without sewing is lining cords with fabric strips, with the technique we showed you in How to make T-shirt yarn bags baskets without sewing.


With the same technique to make fringed cushions you can create T-shirt yarn bags.

Folding the fabric strips and sewing them with the Stitch to embroider with T-shirt yarn you can make these beautiful and originals bags.



 If you are an experienced weaver you can make gorgeous bags with recycled fabric, here you can see a Pattern for a T-shirt yarn bag with imitation jewelry.


To give your bag a special look you must include a glamorous handle, there are various models of handles, that you can find in many materials to match your bag. It`s really easy to add a handle to your bag, just check the article How to put hand grips in a bag.


I hope you put in practice these ideas and make various models of T-shirt yarn bags.

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