How to make rings with fabric remnants

How to make rings with fabric remnants

If you have some fabric remnants, ring bases and beads you can turn these materials into beautiful and original rings, you just need to take a little time and relax doing these models or fabric rings that we are going to share with you today.

This is an easy project that you can modify according to your needs and ideas, because there are many ways to work with recycled fabric: braids, flowers, balls, etc.

T-shirt yarn rings

In this blog you have seen how to make necklaces, bracelets and pendants, but you can also make rings with fabric strips remanents.


An easy way to make a ring is creating a fabric flower like we showed in How to make rolled fabric flowers. You can add beads to the flowers to change their appearance.


To arm the ring you have to make the flower and glue it to a ring base, in this way you are sure that the flower will stay in the base for a long time, and you will enjoy a gorgeous accessory.


If you use different techniques to make flowers you can have various models of T-shirt yarn rings. For example, you can adapt this felt ring and make it with fabric strips, like this green ring.

This is a good idea to use T-shirt yarn remnants, so I hope you like it and start making fabric rings for your collection or to make a gift.

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