How to make placemats with recycled fabric yo-yos


By now surely you’ve already practiced how to make recycled fabric yo-yos and that is why we are going to share some projects for you to make. Today we’ll tell you how to create these charming placemats for the dining room or kitchen table using only yo-yos. This is a great project to use scraps of fabric or upcycle clothes you no longer wear.

How to make placemats with recycled fabric yo-yos


  • 54 yo-yos of 10 cm diameter: this amount can vary depending on the size of the yo-yos and the final size you want for the placemat, for a standard size you’ll need at least 54 yo-yos.
  • Needle.
  • Invisible thread.
  • Scissors.

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Step by step:

Determine the size for the placemat, a standard measurement can be 30 cm wide by 45 cm long.


Make the number of yo-yos necessary to reach the size of the placemat. Make sure that all the yo-yos are the same size.

Once you have all 54 yo-yos, arrange them in 6 rows and 9 columns until you achieve your desired layout.

Using invisible thread, join the yo-yos at the point where they touch. You’ll only need 1 or 2 stitches to join them. Sew all the nearby yo-yos together until the placemat is finished.

You can combine colors and make placemats wtih different patterns, go ahead and use yo-yos in your creations with recycled fabric.


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