How to make dolls using socks

How to make dolls using socks

Reusing socks is another way of textile recycling with which you can create an adorable project: make dolls to your kids. Using recycled socks you can create dolls with the form of cats, dogs, rabbits, penguins and a large list of other animals and characters.

Sock dolls

To make a sock doll you will need:

  • Sock.
  • Thread.
  • Needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Filler: cotton, little pieces of cloth.

The step by step varies depending on the character you want to create, to see a full tutorial of each photo just click in the source below the image.


You can make these gorgeous cats following stranamasterov’s instructions. In this link you can also find the tutorial to make this beautiful monkey.



Createstudio tells us how to make a dog using socks.


To make this funny yellow bear follow diyke’s step by step tutorial.


Diyke’s also shares how to make this pink cat in a few steps.


If you love penguins, you can make a couple of these beautiful animals using favecrafts’s tutorial.


Or maybe you’d rather make a couple of rabbits with the instructions of craftpassion


Veravinhatico shares the step by step to make these funny dolls.

So, if you have unpaired sock give it a new life creating dolls.

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