How to make a tied fabric bag


T-shirt yarn bags or purses can be made in multiple ways. We can crochet them with 2 needles, with a loom or with a flexible mesh structure where segments of fabric strips are tied. Nothing is simpler and the result -as we see in this recyclart image- is a beautiful t-shirt yarn bag with fringes, with a pleasant texture.

T-shirt yarn bags

With these images from the Magazine Bolsos 3006 (in Portuguese), we can learn the procedure to make a straight tied fabric bag that is then folded and sewn. At the end we add a bag handle, a closure, buttons or whatever we like the most.

Also here is an excellent idea: make a lining for the inside of the bag so the mesh does not show.



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The step by step to learn how to make the tied fabric technique can also be seen in: “Amarraditos” carpets by Paranoarte and Another easy way to make fringed carpets.


Knotting a strip on a mesh by bellanandablog.

More models of tied fabric bags can be found in T-Shirt yarn bags models. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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