How to make a rug with T-shirt yarn and wool scraps


Today we are going to share an excellent way to make a T-shirt yarn rug in which the fabric is not woven but the remains of wool, and in this way the recycled fabric rolls last much more. In this way we can combine the leftover cloth and wool that we have from other projects and make a giant rug for the children’s room or bedroom.

A very beautiful, creative and easy to make step by step shared by hobbyturmix so that we can weave a warm, colorful and modern rug with T-shirt yarn and yarn scraps for our home.

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Step by step t-shirt yarn and wool rug

This is an excellent idea to recycle the excess fabric and wool remnants, since with this technique we can combine the colors of both materials.

If you like t-shirt yarn rugs, try this technique: it will take less t-shirt yarn than if you crocheted it and you will get a nice rug for your home.

Here is the step by step:

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