How to make a rug with burlap (step by step)


You can create a beautiful fringed carpet with t-shirt yarn and burlap using a simple, practical method, with very good results. The idea is to sew a hem in the burlap and then cut and knot the t-shirt yarn fringe to achieve a beautiful fluffy rug.

Burlap and t-shirt yarn rug

As you can see in the images, begin by cutting the strips and with the help of a stick pass them through the weft of the burlap.

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Then, pull back the strip to the front and knot. And so on you have to continue passing the strips every 3 or 4 spaces of the burlap’s weft. It will take time to complete a rug, but it’s worth it. The result is very nice, and as you can see it’s very simple to do.





At the end trim the strips to match the fringes. Look at the finished burgundy carpet, isn’t it beautiful? I bet you got excited and want to make one to decorate your house!



This is a simple technique to make a rug, with materials easy to get and with a fabulous result… what more can you ask for?

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Images: trapillo

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