How to make a Mayan loom


A few days ago in our blog we shared how to use the Mayan loom to weave with t-shirt yarn and today you’ll see how to make this type of loom. With a Mayan loom you can make a large variety of beautiful and original weaving. Take some basic carpentry materials and tools (like board, nails, a saw) in order to make your own loom to put into practice the stitches you have learned.

The cover photo is from teladetalleres where you can obtain information about Mayan loom related courses.

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How to make a Mayan loom

With these instructions you can make a 30 cm Mayan loom, which can be expanded according to your needs. For this you’ll need 2 wooden slats of 2 x 2 x 30 cm long, 2 slats of 5 x 5 x 1 cm, 1 inch nails (without head), vinyl glue, a hammer and a saw.

Here you can see the instructions to assemble the loom. If you want to read more indications and advice, go to this page: cosillasdecristinita




When constructing a Mayan loom you have to take into account several details, in the first place, each one can be made in the way you like as long as the final result is a rectangular form with a hole in the center through which the fabric will pass.

A Mayan loom is usually larger than the fabric you are going to wave, so if you need to make a fabric of some measure it’s best to build the loom a little larger. We are advised to make it 10% larger than the measure you want to achieve.

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