How to make a hairband with recycled fabric


Beautiful, youthful and trendy, today, you’ll see how to make this accessory that looks great just using recycled fabric. You can do it with different colors or use a multicolored print like the one you see on the cover photo. Adorable, very easy to make and ideal to give as a gift.

Recycled fabric hairband

To make this hairband you’ll need recycled fabric which you have to cut and knot, holding the fabric together with a few drops of hot glue with a silicone gun. Here is the diagram of the knot:


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In this way you’ll make the front part and then adjust, measuring the diameter of the head and cutting the fabric. To make the final part cut a piece of fabric and glue it crosswise so it covers the joint.



To finish add a button so you can achieve a perfect finish with a beautiful detail.


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Images: trapillo

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