How to make a fringed cushion

How to make a fringed cushion

It`s really easy to make a fringed cushion, all you need is time and patience because if you want to make a big cushion you need to tie at least 2.500 fabric strips, but the result is totally worth it. You can achieve a gorgeous cushion with a very nice texture.

Justcraftyenough shows us the step by step to make a fringed cushion so you only need to follow these instructions to create an original and beautiful cushion for your home.

Fringed cushion: step by step

To make a fringed cushion you will need fabric strips, a crochet needle or a thin stick, a base (mat or canvas), fabric (to cover the back part of the cushion), thread, a needle and some material to fill the cushion (cotton, wadding or fabric scraps).

To form the front part of the cushion you must cut and tie the fabric strips to the base, as you can see in these images you can use different materials for the base.



To start, measure the desired size for the cushion, then cut the form of the base adding 3cm to the original measure. At this point you can cut and tie the fabric strips to the base as you can see in the images.


Once you have completely covered the front with the fabric strips you have to sew in the back part a piece of fabric of the same size as the front, remembering to leave one size without sewing so you can fill the cushion. When you have sewed 3 sides, turn over the cushion and fill it.


When the cushion is filled you can sew the free side to close it completely, and the result must be the same as shown in this image, with a flat back part and a front part with a nice texture.


And this is the way to make a fringed cushion, with patience you can create beautiful cushions to decorate every space in your house.


If you want to see the complete step by step just click in the source at the end of the article.

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Source: justcraftyenough

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