How to make a carpet stitch with a needle threader


One of the models of fabric carpets that I like are the fringed ones, and I’m sure that many friends will agree because although the crochet looks beautiful, the fringes have a very warm texture, ideal for fresh weather.

Fabric fringed carpets are made with a grid and one of the ways to simplify the work is to use the crochet needle with a threader, both to make the tying of the fabric strips more quickly and to facilitate threading if you don’t have optimal vision or a good pulse.

Use the needle with a threader to make a rug

As you can see in the following images, the needle threader is passed through a small hole in the grid then you put the segment of t-shirt yarn at the end, then pull to pass the middle of the folded strip and hook it again, pull and finally pass the needle inside the loop formed in the fabric.


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And so on you continue to do the work by rows to maintain order and not forget to fill any space. It’s true that this work requires time and patience, but the result is excellent. Here you can see how the carpet is finished on the back side.


The front of the carpet is what you see in the cover image, it’s fringed and you can make it in one color, or use various colors or different shades of the same color. If you want, you can even do it with original shapes and designs.

And if you don’t have a grid to do this technique, you can always use the trick of this Russian craftswoman who knits her crochet hooks. See this technique in the article on woven grid for fringed carpets

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