How to make a basket without sewing: step by step

How to make a basket without sewing step by step

Today we are going to share an easy tutorial to learn how to make a basket without sewing. We are going to show this step by step that allows you to use a simple technique to make a basket using recycled fabric.

Making a basket with no sewing

In previous posts we have seen a variety of models of fabric baskets made with different techniques that don’t require that you know how to sew, if you want to check it out just visit How to make T-shirt yarn baskets without sewing 

Now, we are going to see the step by step with pictures to let you know how to make this kind of basket. First of all, you need to grab a rope that you are going to line with recycled fabric; depending of the thickness of the cord you will need more or less amount of it, for example in this tutorial we used 6 meters of cord.


Put at the beginning of the rope a drop of glue and line 10 cm of the rope with fabric, then start lining the rope rolling the fabric in spiral.


Every 5 cm you must wrap the fabric passing it through the previous row, in this way:


You have to take the wrapped rope a little higher to give shape to the basket. A simple way is to make a few turns keeping the rope wrapped against the desk and when you have achieved the desired size base, assemble the rope above the last lap.

For this basket we made a base with a diameter of 20 cm.


When you have reached the desired size for the basket you have to cut the rope in a diagonal way, wrap it with fabric and glue it to the basket.


This way you can make a basket without sewing, an advantage is you can combine different colors of fabric because you only have to cut a new fabric strip and glue it above the rope to continue lining it.


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