How to make a bag with t-shirts

Cómo-hacer-una-bolsa-con-camisetasDo you need a reusable bag to go shopping? Well, you don’t need to spend money because if you have an old t-shirt that you want to recycle and some sewing knowledge, in a few steps you’ll learn how to make a bag with t-shirts. A project that you’ll surely like for using recycled fabric and with which you at the same will time help the environment by avoiding the use of plastic or paper bags.

How to make a bag with t-shirts


  • T shirt.
  • Paper.
  • Pencil.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Needle.
  • Thread.
  • Scotch tape.

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Step by step:

To begin, you must transfer the pattern to a piece of paper to make your work easier. To see the scheme click here.

Cut out the pattern and tape it together (match the letters). Then, transfer the pattern to a large folded sheet of newspaper for the full pattern.


Transfer the pattern to the shirt, pin at the top (neck and underarms) and bottom.


Don’t worry if the sides of the t-shirt don’t match the sides of the pattern or if the top of the shoulder is too long or short, the pattern is a standard guide that you can adapt to any size.

Cut the t-shirt along the two curved side edges (armpits), the top curve of the neckline and the bottom edge; avoid cutting into the sides of the shirt.


Turn the shirt inside out, pin the bottom edges, and sew the entire bottom.

To make the base at the bottom, mark at 3 centimeters a diagonal line joining the side and the bottom (do it on both sides). Cut the excess fabric and sew.



Flip the fabric over and you’ve got a recycle fabric shopping bag ready.


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