How to knit a t-shirt yarn puff easily


We all like t-shirt puffs, but some models are very difficult for beginners to make. However, by covering an old puff, a structure, or a recycled material (like a tire filled with a cushion) we can make a puff woven with recycled fabric with a great texture and amazing final look.

T-shirt yarn puff (with a structure)

To make a fabric puff using a structure we only have to weave a circle slightly larger than its size and a band. The stitches are everyone’s choice, but a tight stitch is essential so the inside of the puff isn´t visible.

We must use a No. 10 crochet hook.224-624x874

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To join the two parts we sew with a simple stitch helping us with the same crochet needle to pass the thread through the fabric.


In the same way, we sew the side and then we knit the lower or upper part ending with an adjustable loop so the puff doesn´t come apart or to be able to remove it from the structure to wash it.


Of course, t-shirt yarn can be washed without problems by machine or by hand.
It’s a really simple job and a cool idea shared by blogg.skonahem. If you want to see the complete tutorial click on this link.


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