How to finish a t-shirt yarn braided rug


Tablecloths, rugs and other utilities made with t-shirt yarn braids are super easy to do and we can sew them by machine or by hand, although sewing them by machine flattens the fabric and gives it a better finish. But how do we finish the last round so that the shape is even?

Finished braided rugs

Here is a machine-sewn zig zag braided rug. As we can see, in the last round the strips have been braided in the previous round.


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Then we sew normally like the other rows and cut the strips so that they are downwards.

This is the way to finish a simple, round or oval rug, but we can also give it other shapes with the braids as we have seen in Seams for braided rugs, “Watermelon mat” made with fabric braids or How to sew a perfect braid rug.



Here we can see the finished rug.


And here we have some potholders for the kitchen made with braids. We can also do other projects with braids such as bags, baskets, etc.


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Images: trapillo

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