Homemade loom to make rugs easily

Homemade loom to make rugs easily

In T-shirt yarn we have seen many ways to make rugs with recycled fabric, but an easy method consist in making a loom with sisal thread to make a rug using simple knots, like the rug in the cover photo created by luriandwilma.

Recycled fabric rug with sisal thread

To make a rug using fabric strips and sisal thread is really easy, because you only have to make simple knots to create the weave and form a gorgeous rug made by hand.

To start you need to make a loom, like the one shown in the next images:

In surface like a thick cardboard or a table secure the sisal thread using clothespins, and put the fabric strip in the first thread using a simple knot.




Then you have to tie the fabric strip with 2 simple knots, repeat this step in each sisal thread beginning from the right to the left.



When you finish the rug take off the clothespins, fold the ends to the inside and sew them.



In this way you can make a T-shirt yarn rug easily. If you want to see detailed instructions and more images check the link and the source in the end of the article.

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Source: luriandwilma

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