Homemade cardboard loom for T-shirt yarn

Homemade cardboard loom for T-shirt yarn

Using cardboard you can make a loom to work with T-shirt yarn. With this loom you can make several crafts, like the coasters in the cover image, tablecloths and other objects, depending of the loom size.

This is an easy project with a great result that allows you to recycle cardboard and use it to work with recycled fabric.

Cardboard loom to work with T-shirt yarn

To make a loom with the right size to make a coaster you have to use a cardboard piece of 10 x 10 cm, then you have to cut notches every 0,5 cm; in these notches you are going to put the fabric strips to form the weft.


Once you have the weft, start to weave the fabric strips, passing the strips side to side.

Also, you can sew the strips, as you can see in this image (wy88).


When you have finished the loom, follow the instructions listed in the source at the end of the article to make these T-shirt yarn coasters.


Source: viladoartesao

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