Hangers lined with recycled fabric


Usually the hangers we buy are made of plastic or metal. Over time the material degrades, leaving edges where our clothes end up hooking or even deforming, causing the garments to hang badly. To avoid this, nothing better than covering them with a soft and resistant material, such as fabric. From makesupmylife we bring a tutorial to line hangers with recycled fabric. Without spending money, your clothes hung properly and the closet more pleasing to the eye.


To make this project you’ll need plastic or metal hangers (choose the ones you want to renew), a hot glue gun with its glue stick, scissors and fabric or a shirt that you no longer use. If you don’t have T-shirt yarn you just need a good pair of scissors and a couple of old clothes to make fabric strips.


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Dressing a hanger in two simple steps

Place a drop of glue on the hook of the hanger and fix the beginning of the fabric strip. Then start wrapping the hanger going down and all the way around.


When you have completed one round, apply hot glue to the end of the fabric strip, pressing it against the hanger. And ready!

perchas-forradas-con-tela-reciclada-4-300x198 (1)

Here we have another example of the same work but carried out on a hanger with a different shape. A good idea to give a personal touch to your wardrobe is to choose fabrics in ranges of colors that combine when lining the hangers. In this way, the closet will have an even more orderly appearance.

perchas-forradas-con-tela-reciclada-5-198x300 is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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