Hair tie weaved with t-shirt yarn


This is a useful and practical work, which is done in a flash and the result is precious. This hair tie is crocheted on an ordinary hair rubber band, so you can create a daily usage accessory weaved with fabric.

Hair tie weaved with t-shirt yarn

In this tutorial made by knitting-and-so-on you can learn how to make a hair tie with a 5 mm crochet hook. For the experts in crochet it’s a very simple work that you can vary with the stitches of your preference.


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To find this step by step just follow this link: knitting-and-so-on

This is the final result. Precious, isn’t it? A very useful, practical and fun to make craft.


If you like it, try it and tell us what crochet stitches you used to make your hair tie, leave us your comment so you can help all beginners who, like me, want to learn how to make these cute crafts with recycled fabric.

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Images: knitting-and-so-on

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