Furniture made with recycled fabric


This chair made with recycled T-shirt fabric is a sample of the modern and ecological furniture designs that are made through textile recycling. Reusing fabrics is a tendency of environmental friendly decoration that every day gains more adepts, because you can achieve furniture of great beauty without using new resources and contribute to minimize textile waste.

Today we’ll see some beautiful and inspiring creations of furniture made with recycled fabrics with different techniques (knitted and woven among others).

Furniture made with fabric


In this modern armchair made by Kenneth Cobonpue, the steel structure is lined with foam wrapped in fabric. The thick thread is then woven to form this fantastic sofa.

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Woven wool stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien.


Fabric sofas made with recycled fabric by Hanna Tjukanovs.

Recycled fabric furniture


Upholstered fabric sofa made by Camilla Halvorsen.


Woven furniture by Andrea Brena

Refurbished with natural or recycled fabrics

Reupholstering with natural fabrics or upholstering new furniture with recycled fabrics is another good idea to create eco-innovative furniture. For big environmental problems you can create great ideas to design furniture.



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Images: trapillo

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