Funny models of recycled fabric caps


Today we’ll see several models of caps made with recycled fabric, some made with crochet and others made with the wrapped rope method (the technique with which fabric and rope baskets are made). They are all different hats, fun and original accessories made with recycled fabric.

Crochet caps with recycled fabric

These crocheted caps made with recycled fabric are one of the funniest models. They are made from fabric strips and some of them have fringes in the back that form braids.





These crochet caps with fringes are found in stranamam

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Another kind of recycled fabric caps are made with the rope method wrapped in fabric, as we’ve seen in the posts How to make fabric baskets using a sewing machine and How to make T-shirt yarn baskets without sewing.

On one hand these accessories are baskets, and on the other, fun rope caps wrapped with fabric.




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Other models of winter hats in crochet made with recycled fabric are found in T-shirt yarn knitted beanies.

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Images: trapillo

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