Flower necklace made with rope and fabric

MG_7603Using a rope, t-shirt yarn and a closure you can achieve a very beautiful t-shirt yarn necklace model like the one that Lolovie shares in this tutorial. And then, to personalize it, you can add a jewel inside each flower. A beautiful step by step, simple to make with an excellent result that each one can vary using different colors and/or patterns of t-shirt yarn and different pieces of imitation jewelry.

Rope and t-shirt yarn necklace

To make this necklace you’ll need the materials described above plus powerful quick-drying glue, such as thermostatic glue (hot glue and a silicone gun). It involves wrapping the t-shirt yarn on the rope, adding the jewelry pins and making the little flowers which you can learn to make following this tutorial.


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To read the step-by-step instructions for this craft, consult the original tutorial following this link.

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Images: trapillo

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