Fabric Amirigumis


These adorable crochet dolls called Amigurumis are made with recycled fabric, the possibilities of this material are endless and there is a variety of recycled fabric amigurumis to do.

Any crochet pattern or scheme can be made with strips of cloth (recycled fabric), using a XXL crochet needle.

Recycled fabric amigurumis


With recycled fabric you can make crochet toys or utilitarian objects, like these cute little animals we show you.


This turtle is a model of an etsy shop, they made an amirigumi with recycled fabric. In the link you can enter the store and see fabric turtle models.

If you like the idea of making amigurumis with recycled fabric, I recommend you start by making simple tissues, looking for patterns of simple crochet dolls you can do in XXL.

In T-ShirtYarn.com Blog will be bringing you ideas and patterns of recycled fabric dolls that can be done with crochet XXL.


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